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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Collecting Analytics On Your Website

Posted on September 22nd, 2016

Why You Should Be Collecting Analytics On Your Website

Do you know what a hit is? Which pages are visited most? What content is viewed? Are you reaching the right geography?

If your answer is “I don’t know” or NO then you likely should be adding an analytics tracker to your website. I personally use Google Analytics because it is simple to set-up and fairly easy to understand and user. (Just remember to follow the terms and conditions and have a privacy policy that complies)

1. Know what your customers are seeing

If you do not know what pages your customers are spending their time on – how do you know where to focus your attention when generating new content. You could be generating content that no one wants to view. By analyzing where your current visitors are going you can optimize your future content and better understand your customers.

2. Know how many visitors come back

If you never have return visitors then you need to figure out why. If your site is new, developing, or you have just started the analytics, then a high new user count makes sense. However, if you are a business that often has repeat customers then you need to figure out what is not working. Why are your customers not coming back.

On the other hand having no new users can be a bad thing. You want to be expanding your customer base and not just keeping it. Perhaps it is time to start marketing differently to capture more attention.

NOTE: visitors that clear their cookies will show up as new even if they are returning.

If you are a pool salesmen in Vermont then you want to know about visitors from Vermont and not Brazil. Analytics software can often filter out geographical areas by IP address allowing you to see only what you want.

Bonus – this can also help you see if marketing campaigns directed toward a certain region are having an effect on your traffic!

4. Find out where they are leaving from

Want to know which pages your customers are not happy with – find out what the last page they viewed was. These are often called exit pages – and they are the last thing a customer sees before leaving your site. If these are pages that should be driving them towards another area of your website then you should be looking into why the customers are not doing what is expected. Maybe a link is broken or something is not functional. Either way knowing where they are leaving can help you understand where you might be lacking.

5. Find out how your customers found your websites

Not everyone will find you through Google. Some will find you through business directories, social media, paid search and other websites. It can be critical to know which of these is giving you traffic and what that traffic is doing. By analyzing the referrer analytic software can help you see trends like: if social media is sending you more then last month, does your entry in your local business directory help, or did my guest blog get me any traffic. These trends can help you see what marketing campaigns are working for you and your business.

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