Szucs Studios

Web Development and Design


Custom Website Designs

Many of your clients will expect you to have a website, not only that provides them with information, but is custom and unique to your business. Szucs Studios can help make that possible, and together we can help make your customers happy with your online presence.

Mobile Friendly Designs

Having a website that actively responds to a user‘s screen size is important to may businesses. When potential customers view a site on their phone or other mobile device they expect the site to be just as easy to use as when viewing on a traditional computer. By having your website actively change for different devices you ensure that your customers have a good experience on your website.

In addition to your customers, Google prefers to show a mobile friendly website to mobile users – for more information visit Google‘s blog on mobile websites this link This may help you gain an advantage over your competitors.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are the primary source of traffic to many websites, and optimizing your website can be confusing for those starting out. We can help make your website rank faster and higher by submitting it to search engines, helping you choose keywords, and much more.

Brand integration

You have worked hard building your brand for your company. As such one of the biggest things we use when designing is your current brand. We want your website to match your brand in look and feel so that it is instantly recognizable as yours. Your brand takes center stage on your website.

Social Media Integration

Many businesses are using social media as a way to interact with their consumers in new exciting ways. Your website should not be kept separate from your social media accounts; rather you should use your website as a gateway for your consumers to find your social media accounts. Szucs Studios can integrate certain social media pages directly onto your website, allowing your consumers instant access to them.


Weather you are a consultant, athlete, or a public figure many people want a website to show off their talents or skills – like an online resume.

Domain Registration

We can help take some of the confusion of registering your domain name away and make the process as simple as possible. We can then use this domain for your website, or any other service.

Web Hosting

We do not expect our clients to host the finished website on their own. Szucs Studios can provide web hosting for the finished product making the process of releasing your website to the world fast and efficient.

Employee Download Center

Many companies need to get documents out to their employees, for some companies an Employee Download Center can make this process easy. We provide a way for clients to upload their own pdf documents to us and within a week, have it accessible to employees online.