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Third Party Server Waiver

Szucs Studios uses Godaddy’s hosting services to host our servers. Szucs Studios will not be held responsible for any downtime, data loss, or exposed data due to Godaddy. This means if Godaddy suffers data loss, downtime or releases your data accidently or through insufficient security practices Szucs Studios will not be held responsible.

Server Maintenance or Downtime

There may be circumstances where a service may have to go down temporarily. In these events we will attempt to keep the service online as much as possible. For all planned changes/downtime we will alert the on file email at least one week in advance and attempt to perform the maintenance between 8 PM and 6 AM to reduce inconveniences. The only exception is security updates, changes or maintance which we will perform as soon as possible to keep the server secure.

Service changes may require downtime to complete. Depending on the service, adding additional services may require downtime on related and/or seemingly unrelated services. Szucs Studios will make a reasonable attempt to minimize downtime.

Other Policies