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Cause of termination – an act on the part of the consumer which results in Szucs Studios terminating your account without refund.
Service – the products/solution that is offered/provided to you by Szucs Studios
Szucs Studios – refers to the sole proprietorship of Tristan Szucs, and/or Tristan szucs, and/or any individual acting under Szucs Studios’ authority.
We – refers to Szucs Studios.
You – refers to the consumer that this article binds.


This policy applies to all services provided by Szucs Studios, and binds Szucs Studios and the consumer. Some policies have additional terms and can be found at . If these individual policies and this general one contradict then the individual policy will take precedence, for that service only. In addition, if any portion of these policies contradict the law, then the law will take precedence. All non-contradictory terms will still be in effect.

Restricted Uses

  • You may not use any service for illegal activities or in any way that is forbidden by law.
  • You may not use any service to host, view, create, or distribute pornographic materials, nor may you upload or attempt to upload such materials.
  • You may not use any service to host or distribute copyrighted material which you do not own, or do not have permission to use, nor may you upload or attempt to upload such materials.
  • You may not use any service to spread malware or viruses or other harmful files.
  • You may not attempt to bring down any service, access our server(s) in a unauthorized way, access unauthorized data, or alter any service for you or any other users(s) using any form of attack or method. This includes but is not limited to SQL injections, Cross site scripting, or Denial of Service Attacks. Nor may you use any service to perform any of the above activities on outside product/service.
  • You may not use any service to send/create spam.

  • Bypassing, or attempting to bypass any security measures.
  • You may not attempt to access other user’s files, account credentials, or other information.
  • Attempt to use any service in any way that is restricted may result in the termination of any/all services without refund. In addition, in the event of legal claims due to your misuse you will be responsible for all legal fees incurred by Szucs Studios.

Change of Service or Termination of Services

Change of Service

If Szucs Studios decides to change the service offered to the consumer, the new service(s) will provide all of the activities provided in the old service, however they may be done in a different way or require multiple services. For example a new way to upload files to the server which replaced the old way, or a change in how the admin controls are accessed, or separating a previous bundled service. If this change happens with time remaining on your account then you will receive the new service for the remainder of the time left. All changes conducted by Szucs Studios will be given at least one month notice to the consumer and Szucs Studios will work with the consumer to reduce inconveniences from the change.

Termination of Services

If Szucs Studios terminates your service without then you will receive a refund for the number of periods not started, and services will continue for the rest of the started period.
If Szucs Studios terminates your service with cause then you are not eligible for any refund.
If you terminate you account with Szucs Studios refunds may be given on a case by case basis as determined by Szucs Studios.

Updates or Changes to Websites/Services

Updates or changes may be billed depending on what they are and/or how long they take to conduct. Contact Szucs Studios for a quote on the change.

Changes to the Terms of Service

When/if Szucs Studios makes changes to this document in a way that affects a service you are using then you will be given 30 days notice before the new version takes effect. You will be notified by email.
Szucs Studios may add/change clauses for services that do not affect you or are new services that you do not yet use to the terms of service without notifying you in advance.



Szucs Studios may requires a deposit for some of it’s services. This deposit must be received before work begins. This deposit may be for the full amount depending on the service.

Full Payment

Szucs Studios expects full payment within 60 days of making a service live, if the full payment has not bean received or an arrangement has not bean met then Szucs Studios may suspend you account and stop all services from running. You will not receive a refund for the time that your account was suspended, and Szucs Studios will not be held liable for any lost of revenue.

Renewal Payments

All payments for renewals must be received before the previous expiry date. Unless a different arrangement is created. Failure to send the payment may result in the suspension of these services at any time.


Renewal Prices

Szucs Studios does not guarantee that prices remain the same from one renewal period to the next.

Renewal Reminders

Monthly renewals – for a monthly renewal you will receive one email in the month and a phone call in the last 10 days before the expiry date. You will receive one more call and email during the next 30 days after the expiry date. Some may pay for a year at a time of a monthly service, these are covered under the yearly renewals.

Yearly renewals – you will receive one email in between 90 and 60 days, 60 and 30, and less then 30 at least 10 days apart. You will also receive a call during the last 30 days. You will receive one more call and email during the next 30 days after the expiry date.

Expiry dates

Expiry dates of all renewal based items are mentioned in the invoice or are calculated based on the length put on the invoice. After the expiry date passes without payment, your services may be suspended at any time until full payment is received or an arrangement is created.

Other Policies