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Domains where Szucs Studios registers the domain name for you

Szucs Studios fills out the WHOIS data with the consumer’s information. Unless otherwise requested all domains’ email contact will be one of Szucs Studios email addresses. Note that the WHOIS data is open to the public. Upon termination of service the domain will remain registered until it expires. The consumer can request a transfer authorization code after termination up until the domain expires.

Note that due to domain registrations being one year in length Szucs Studios may register your domain on a different day instead of the implementation day. Unless your service is terminated before the end of the allotted time, Szucs Studios will ensure that your domain does not expire during the allotted time.

Domains you control

If you wish to maintain control your domain name, or transfer it to your own account, Szucs Studios does not provide domain assistance. The only assistance we provide is telling you the DNS records that must exist and be correct for the service in question to work. We can not help you set up the DNS records.

Other Policies