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Google and Mobile Sites

Posted on October 3rd, 2016

A while ago Google announced that it will analyze websites and determine if they are mobile friendly. Then when a user on a mobile device searches, it will be more likely to serve results that are mobile friendly. To see the blog article click here

But what does Google consider mobile friendly?

While Google has provided documentation on making mobile sites, they also provide a tool to test urls to see if they are mobile friendly. Here is the tool

Also, within Google Webmasters Google alerts you if you have any pages that do not qualify. There is also a report where you can see how many of your pages have mobile issues on them.

What to do to fix the problem

If your website is not mobile friendly then you need to change your website to fix that. There are a few ways of making a mobile friendly website. On this page Google recommends a responsive website. This means that rather then the server sending out different pages – or using a separate url (Think m. ) – the browser uses technologies such as CSS to reformat the page depending on screen size. So every device gets the same HTML, but what they do with the page changes.

As Google acknowledges on this page when your site is built on a platform it may be easier and more cost effective to change a theme or template, so that your website is more mobile friendly.

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