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Document Download Centers

Many organizations need to distribute forms, information, and other such documents to employees when requested. This can put a burden on resources to get these documents to the employees in a timely manner. The solution to this problem can be to use Document Download Centers. They provide the capability to distribute documents by giving them a single password. The password can then be used to visit a webpage that contains links to all of the documents located in the center. Not only does it help reduce the burden on distribution, but recipients can view all current documents in one location.

Document Admin Center

A simple interface for the administrator to upload new documents, update old ones, delete out-dated documents, add new document categories, and remove categories as needed. They can also view a complete history of all changes made to the download center.

The admin center can also have multiple admins for the same document download center, which means that each person that needs to change documents can have their own password and username. The system also keeps track of who and when the users make any changes.