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Choosing a Domain Name

Posted on April 6th, 2016

Choosing a domain name is one of the biggest things you need to choose when publishing a website. Weather you are making a blog, e-commerce, or any other style you will be choosing a domain name. You domain name is the URL of the website you are visiting. Ex You domain name plays many roles and is should not be chosen lightly. Here are some tips on choosing a domain name.

1. Think of it like a business name

You want your domain name to connect with your bushiness similar to your Business Name. Sometimes a domain name be be a simple as your business name. Often however your business name should not be used for other reasons. Sometimes a slogan may fit the bill. Think of what your customers associate with your business. If you are not a business then think of what visitors would associate with your website.

2. Short and easy to remember

You want you keep your domain short for a few reasons. For one a long domain name like is looks intimidating. If you put it on promotions or advertising people are going to need to type it in to their browser and if it too long they may not bother. Two, it is also hard to remember if they see it on a billboard or some other advertising and have to remember it.

You also want your domain to be easy to remember. If it is hard to remember then they may not come back. It also makes it easier for your current visitors to tell their friends.

3. The Search Engine Approach

Some people put keywords that they want to be associated with in their domain name. This helps to be recognized by Google and other search engines as being related to that word. You should not however try to use to many as this can look like spam to your users and may lower your legitimacy in their eyes.

4. The ending

The ending of your domain does matter. .com is the most common ending but their are others, .ca .info .org ect. Some of these are specified for a particular region, ex .ca is specified for Canadians only. When choosing a domain you may want to consider what your business is, if you are a organization then .org may be for you. Another good practice is to use the one in your region, ex .ca. This may influence Google to put you higher on searches – but it definitely will not hurt them. Also customers searching for you see that you are in their country and may be more influenced to click on it. This may not be good however if you plan on expanding outside of that region.

Regardless of your choice in ending it is often a good idea to get the .com version and 301 redirect it to the domain you want to use. This is so if a potential client types it in they go to your website, and also to protect your brand from someone else registering it.

5. No Symbols

The hyphen ‘-‘ is the only symbol other then traditional letters and numbers that can be in a domain. It has bean my experience however that the hyphen may confuse people and may be hard to find especially on mobile devices.

The period has a special meaning and is best known as separating the top level domain from the rest. The .com part

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