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4 Ways Google Webmasters Search Console Can Help Your Website

Posted on February 22nd, 2017

Google Webmasters Search Console provides a set of features for a web site developer or content creator to see how Google views your site. Since Google has larger user base then other search engines it is important to ensure your site is up to par. Below are some critical information that Google Webmasters Search Console can give you and why it matters.

1. Security Information

On the left is a tab called Security Issues – here you can see if Google has noticed any issues on your site. If Google finds an issue then your site is less likely to appear in their search results. Regardless of Google ensuring that your site is safe for your visitors should be of prime importance to you. Clearing up any outstanding problems would be great for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts.

2. Mobile Usability

Located under Search Traffic the Mobile usability tab lets you know what pages are failing Google’s mobility usability tests. Here is a link to a blog post I did about this topic. In short making your website work on mobile devices is great for your visitors and important if you want anyone to take you seriously. Google recognizes this and uses it’s own tests to determine if your site provides a decent experience to mobile users. If it does not then you will rank lower in the results for mobile devices.

3. Crawl Errors

Ever wonder if there are pages on your website that cause errors – or that generate 404 errors? Well under Crawl then Crawl Errors you can see just that. If Google’s crawlers noticed any problems they will be here for you. You can then go and find the source of these problems and correct them giving your users a better experience. Fixing these problems will also allow more pages or content to be indexed by Google.

4. Search Analytics

Perhaps the most obvious benefit with the search console. You can see what queries are causing your website to come up in the results. You can filter this by country, pages, devices and more. This information can help you see if your site is really getting the visitors you want it to. This is also a prime way to see if your SEO campaigns are paying off – or if you are accidentally including keywords for a different topic altogether.

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